Thursday, 28 November 2013

Throwback Thursday: Crystal Fighters

Last Friday, 22/11/13, was the day when I saw Crystal Fighters for the fifth time in my life.
Looks funny, huh? But I would never say no for not coming to their concert.
Do you want to know why?
Firstly, it never feels that you have already been to their concert. Crystal Fighters creatively changes their beats, even though they keeps the same style. 
Secondly, it's always going to be the best party. This is the band, who honestly gives their energy away for their fans, and they honestly enjoys their created music.
Thirdly, they always chooses nice venues and this time they played at Brixton academy, where the Smiths played their last ever gig (!).
Last Friday was a small magic, I have never seen so many fans at Crystal Fighters concert since I saw them first time in 2010. And even though I was standing near the edge of the stairs, every time risking to fell over because of jumping too much, I can say that it was the best concert of theirs(at the moment). If you somehow missed the concert, please, enjoy short video from the Brixton Academy, hope that you will feel what I have felt.


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