Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday's choice : FLAMINGODS

As I have mentioned before, tomorrow you can see Flamingods + Dawn Hunger + Bastardgeist at Shoreditch and at the best price- for free!
I realised, that many of you maybe even haven't heard about Flamingods, so this article is dedicated for an amazingly creative band.
So, who the hell are Flamingods I so recommend to see? This is the band contains 5 guys - Kamal, Karthik, Craig, Charles and Sam. Kamal gets the most endorsements, cause he's the main guy who started this band. In one of the "Loud & Quiet" interviews with Flamingods, Kamal said that the main idea was to transfer his cultural experience into the music. And this is how it started, guys used to record their music in the bedroom and one day, they were offered to play at one of gigs.

I couldn't put into words how actually Flamingods sound. Their music brings happiness and feeling of the freedom, mixture of the instruments, beats. Everything is mixed into one. I love the way they play, without actual organising, but as long as they feel happy and free, they create beautiful small sounds.

Too, I guess, Kamal's idea to bring middle east sounds is just amazing and completely different for a European people. As well, it's just not sounds of middle east, but something psychedelic in their music. That's why you shouldn't miss out their performance tomorrow! Free yourself in a almost of the middle of the week, maybe working days won't look that terrible!
Wish you the best experience of their music and if you are not going to come tomorrow, listen to their album SUN here.

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