Saturday, 4 January 2014

Best Mixclouds for Saturday

Happy New Years, folks! "Flowers & Oceans" has been on a quite long holidays, but we are back!

"Flowers & Oceans" came back this year with 3 Mixcloud playlists picked just for you. Festive period has finished and it is time for some chilly music. Mix of Four Tet, Jamie XX, Bonobo and etc.

5/5/junior: pirmadienis #42 by Penkipenki on Mixcloud

Lithuanians curated Mixcloud for every Monday.

Bonobo - Live @ Love Saves The Day, Bristol (03-06-2012) by Musicforyou on Mixcloud

Most of the tracks are by Bonobo, a really talented British musican and DJ.

Exclusive Juk Juk Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud

Dazed did a great mix of Four Tet, Jamie XX, Martyn and etc. tracks.

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